Terms of Service

  • No Service contract needed but possible
  • Agreed and quoted  special prices for work done in projects
  • Hourly rate as agreed with each customer
  • Rates are calculated per 15 minutes block time.
  • We cannot give you success warranty, but we do the best to solve your problems
  • Requested quotations are billed according to work time used  if items not bought from us
  • Requested reports are billed according to work time used, even it project is not initiated afterwards
  • One person from each company be responsible to authorise calls
  • Non urgent calls can be sent via email to our queue system
  • All calls will be logged
  • Log file will be sent together with the bill
  • Onsite service possible on request. Travelling time is added to work time
  • Standard hardware problems can be fixed by sending the machine with a courier or through a onsite visit by one of our technician. 
  • Risk of transport  with the customer and courier price paid by the customer
  • Bills are issued on average monthly basis or on request 
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