Softmaker is a MS Office compatible software. We are a official reseller from them in Australia. 

Soft Maker works on Windows and and Android and LINUX.

You can buy the software from us for the standard competetive price on their website. 

We help you to install the software and configure it. 

The applications in SoftMaker Office 2012

TextMaker 2012

The solid and reliable word processor

PlanMaker 2012

The spreadsheet that not only adds up numbers, but also presents them with style

SoftMaker Presentations 2012

The presentation software with spectacular effects

SoftMaker eM Client Professional 6 (in SoftMaker Office Professional)

E-mails, tasks, events, contacts – all under one umbrella. eM Client works similar as MS-OUTLOOK and integrates mail, calendar and addressbook into google apps. 

BasicMaker 2012

The macro language that lets you automate TextMaker and PlanMaker  

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