Google Apps

Not everybody wants a in-house mail solution. Often the technology is just too complex and the run of a in-house solution can be costly and need trained specialists to manage such a system. 

Google created a new product in this market, and they did well. 

What is Google Apps and how can we help you with it. 

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Google Apps is a complete Mail System with shared calendar ,drives

★  You can  use a web browser to read email, 

★  You can use Outlook, Thunderbird and any kind of mobile devices 

★  simple and effective administration tools

★  There are many third party tools to add quality to google apps

★  Anti Spam System is included, and it is one of the best you can get

★  Antivirus System is included 

★  There is a paid and a free version of google apps. 

       The paid version includes 25 GB data space per user and a professional backup of your data. 

★  the prices for google apps are very moderate and very competitive

★ Google offers a unlimited service now with google vault (backup) included

How can we help you: 

We are a accredited google apps partner. As simple as the tool is too use, it can be tricky to move you from the existing mail environment to a google apps environment. 

To keep you going, we will find the best way and use the best tools to make such a transition as easy as possible for you. 

And we will be with you, helping you doing, in what you are best, by doing in what we are best.

Additional Services:

Google offers many Services with the standard or extended google apps. 

Gmail, the normal mail service

★ Google Sync for Outlook 

★ Google Drive

★ Google Docs

★ Google Sheets

★ Google Forms

★ Calendar

★ Hangouts 

★ Connection to Youtube

★ Spam Protection

★ Google Vault  (payable service, or included with google unlimited) 

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