Synology Cloud

We help you to make your moves to the cloud. 

There are serveral services as Azure from Microsoft of Dropbox. 

We do recommend to have a local NAS (Network Attached Storage) box from Synology 

installed. Synology gives you so many great services included. 

★ Your private Cloud

★ Backup to attached USB Disk

★ Backup to a external Cloud as google disk or dropbox

★ Mail Server 

★ Aterisk phone appliance

★ Macintosh Time Machine Server

★ Video Surveillance Station

★ Antivirus

★ Webbroser

★ ERP software

★ Commercial Shop Software included

Have a look to

Best try the live demo here. 

We sell all models from Synology available in Australia, and we do the installation and configuration for you. 

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